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Know your WHY

Fernanda Parreira Menezes, SFC Marketing & Program Manager

Our podcast series continues as we celebrate Women’ History Month! This week’s guest is Fernanda Parreira Menezes our Marketing and Program Manager.

For those who may not know, Fernanda is from Brazil. Before coming to the United States two and a half years ago, she worked as a Marketing Manager in Higher Education and got her certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.

Before setting foot in the US, Fernanda had already discovered Suited for Change. Having honed in on her personal mission, to combine positive psychology with personal branding and thereby promoting the best version of oneself, Fernanda did a quick google search of organizations that fit her “why.” She immediately became enthralled with Suited for Change.

Sticking to her advice of getting out of your comfort zone and “mak[ing] a change and allow[ing] yourself to be seen,” Fernanda knocked on the SFC door asking for an opportunity to not only volunteer, but also to lead workshops. After a few months of volunteering, Fernanda was hired at the start of 2020.

Throughout her time at Suited for Change, Fernanda has seen first hand how something as simple as an outfit can completely change a person’s self-confidence.

She has found it so rewarding to “help [the clients] realize how beautiful they are. They have such strength inside them and sometimes [they] just need a person to help [them] see that.”

When asked about what advice she would give to other women, her answer was simple: “know your why.” Once you find your passion, set high goals for yourself and let your drive push you to succeed. In her parting words, Fernanda emphasizes living an authentic life, having the courage to follow your heart, and to tell the story of who you are.


Christina Eanes

About the Interviewer:

Christina Eanes is an author, speaker, podcast host, and former FBI analyst and senior manager. ⁣⁣Find more about Christina at


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