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Suited for Change Spoken Word, "Us + You = Family"

by Tammarrah Addison

To honor the women in our community this International Women's Day, the talented Tammarrah Addison performs a Spoken Word poem.

She artistically depicts the Suited for Change experience from the eyes of the client, describing SFC’s services as “a testament of [our] empowerment.”

But most importantly, she emphasizes how Suited for Change has become the chosen family for many women.

“You let us be us, made us feel the most beautiful women in the world”

SFC is more than just equipping women with clothing. It is about guiding our clients to recognize and embrace their ability to succeed in the professional world, knowing they have a community supporting them every step of the way.

Whether it’s International Women’s Day or simply another day at the SFC boutique, we are dedicated to providing the necessary tools to build each and every woman's confidence in themselves and get them ready to take on the professional world!

We are eternally grateful for the support of each and every member of our community. Your support speaks volumes to how you value the women in your life and around the globe.


Tammarrah Addison

About Tammarrah Addison:

Tammarrah Addison is a certified theatre and speech teacher for the Virginia Commission of the Arts, and has performed and directed over 20 shows across the United States of America and Japan.

Check out more about Tammarrah Addison here: Bio | Tammarrah Addison.


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