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Meet Dominique and Tyelynn

When a woman steps through our doors, our first responsibility is to make her feel empowered and confident in herself.

The heartwarming story of Dominique and Tyelynn is one of the countless stories that embody the joy seen at Suited for Change every day

When Dominique and Tyelynn walked into the Suited for Change boutique they were strangers.

Little did they know the impact they would have on each other.

Both at different stages in their professional journey, Dominique and Tyelynn came to Suited for Change looking for encouragement as they head into the next chapter of their careers.

While Dominique came into the SFC boutique preparing for an upcoming interview, Tyelynn was returning to SFC to celebrate her new job.

Tyelynn, SFC client

As luck would have it, Dominique stepped out of the dressing room just in time to see Tyelynn posing with our “I Got the Job” sign.

Witnessing Tyelynn as she celebrates advancing her career, Dominique was moved to tears. She immediately ran over to Tyelynn and congratulated her on her achievement and gave her the biggest hug.

It was at that moment that Dominique felt the reassurance she needed to believe that she could succeed.

At the same time, Tyelynn was also overcome with emotion.

The journey to getting the job can be filled with ups and downs, but now Tyelynn can bask in the moment and celebrate how far she has come.

This month, as we celebrate Women’s History Month, we are reminded of the importance of lifting each other up and basking in the joy seen in our clients each and every day.

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