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Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline is full of excitement for what is in store for her as she starts her new job!

She first found Suited for Change prior to the pandemic through our friends at Byte Back. With the help of our incredible volunteers, not only did she walk away with two stunning interview outfits, but she also was one of the first clients to experience our mentor coaching program.

Our coaching sessions focus on bolstering our clients’ confidence in their qualifications and tailoring their strengths for upcoming interviews.

Through the coupling of SFC’s suiting and coaching services, Jacqueline left our boutique with a new found confidence that she was going to “get that job!”

However, due to the unexpected turn of events thanks to Covid-19, Jacqueline faced an additional hurdle as she continued her job search. With the launch of SFC's virtual suiting sessions back in January 2021, we got back in touch with Jacqueline, sending her a box of hope filled with additional professional clothing.

In a period when everything felt dismal, Jacqueline's bubbly energy resurfaced with the arrival of her new clothing. Thanks to SFC, Jacqueline was reminded of the importance of her professional journey and that she has an entire community rooting for her.

Finally, she called up the SFC office with her fabulous news

“I got a job!”

We were thrilled to hear Jacqueline's news and could not wait to celebrate with her. From the moment she entered the door to the SFC boutique, Jacqueline could not wait to find the perfect attire for her first day on the job.

She left with a smile on her face and said

"I am so encouraged for the future!"

Join us in congratulating Jacqueline on her incredible news!

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