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Meet Jawana

On a rainy day in Washington DC, Jawana stepped in the door of the Suited for Change boutique and immediately brightened everyone’s morning.

After first discovering us back in August of 2020, Jawana was eager to return and embrace all that SFC has to offer.

“My experience was wonderful, that’s why I’m back!”

As she reached the final steps of preparation for interview for an Administrative Assistant position, Jawana knew SFC would help her lead with her best foot forward. Throughout her entire appointment, Jawana could not stop raving about how amazing her experience was at SFC,

"y'all are just too good to me, this is like Christmas!"

Posing for the camera in her new looks, Jawana could not hide her excitement for the next steps in her professional journey.

"I'm all suited up, get it?!"

Taken aback by the kindness she received from our volunteers and staff, Jawana became emotional when expressing her gratitude. It's moments like these where we are reminded of how something as simple as a new outfit can completely change someone's outlook on their future.

However, we are reminded that like so many others, Jawana’s story is not over. This is only the beginning of her professional career and with your continued support we can help lift up more women in our community.

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