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Meet Michele

Life is all about perspective, and Michele’s outlook on life is always half full.

As soon as Michele stepped into the Suited for Change boutique, she immediately felt uplifted by the welcoming atmosphere. From the decor to the color scheme, she loved the entire feng shui and knew she was about to have an incredible appointment.

Thanks to the personalized care from our incredible volunteers, Michele felt pampered, motivated, and refreshed throughout her entire suiting. She was practically glowing as she posed for the camera in her brand new suit, and continually glanced in the mirror to catch another glimpse of herself.

“You look at yourself in the mirror, it's not so much someone else saying I look good, I want to look good to me!

Michele knows the power of a first impression and felt that with the help of Suited for Change, she now has that polished look to set herself apart. However, Michele knows that the perfect fit is only one piece of the puzzle.

The other pivotal tool for success is perspective.

“It’s not what you are going through, but your perspective about what you are going through.”

While many people feel stuck and grieve what they have lost, Michele focuses on what she has left. Through her intentional choice of choosing to see the beauty in every day, she has made a paradigm shift in how she views her life.

“Claim [your life] as excellent, if you wait for [your life] to be excellent it never will be.”

We are so inspired by Michele’s powerful words and hope they influence you to find the joy in the small moments!

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