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Partnership Highlight: LIFT-DC

We are incredibly grateful for our blossoming partnership with LIFT-DC!

We first reconnected with LIFT-DC after their clients attended our Be Bold for Change event in September. Their clients had such a wonderful experience that they could not wait to learn more about how to lead with their best foot forward in the professional world.

This time, meeting virtually, we had a wonderful information session and presentation, “Searching for Jobs and Interviewing,” led by our fabulous career and mentor volunteer, Monica. This session tackled the daunting question of “Where Do I Start?” all the way through interview tips to help leave the best first impression. Throughout the session, the clients were attentive and eager to soak up all of Monica’s valuable tips and tricks.

LIFT-DC’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty by investing in parents. By building families’ well-being, financial strength, and social connections, LIFT-DC is combatting the generational inequity and underinvestment in our communities.

Beginning with a small dorm room in New Haven CT back in 1998, LIFT has expanded their reach all across the country, with offices also located in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

At Suited for Change, we truly align with LIFT-DC’s narrative of both investing in the community and providing an environment of dignity, respect, and love throughout the process.

We cannot wait for what is in store for this incredible partnership in the future!

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