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Meet Nafessiah

Reconnecting with clients, months or years later is always a special treat here at Suited for Change!

Nafessiah first discovered SFC back in 2019 thanks to our partners at Fedcap. With the help of our suiting volunteers and training videos, she was revitalized and ready to take on the professional world and described her time at SFC as

A life changing moment.

Hear from Nafessiah herself about her first time visiting SFC

Over a year and a half later she reached out to us as she began a new job as a concierge and recruiter.

From the moment she stepped back into the SFC boutique her energy brightened up the room. Nafessiah was thrilled to return to SFC and

Get my confidence back up, see my friends, and get more clothing to help me out on my great adventures!

Inspired by her positivity, we tried a new medium to capture the essence of the client experience with our community -- a Instagram Reels!

Check out all of Nafessiah’s stylish outfits and dance moves as she celebrates getting the job

After having such a fun, interactive, and empowering experience at SFC, Nafessiah wants to spread the word to others.

Their doors are always open and they are here to help you regardless of the situation, so come on in, just like me, a happy client and friend to SFC!

Join us in congratulating Nafessiah on her incredible accomplishment!

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