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We love when our community comes together to support one another!

For Small Business Saturday, Vigilante Coffee donated 10% of all sales to Suited for Change to support our mission to empower women on their path to economic independence.

After launching in 2014, Vigilante Coffee focused on the customer experience. Their aim is to deliver a ‘Vigilante experience’ based on authenticity, transparency, world class service, and the world’s best coffees.

In the spirit of giving back, they launched Vigilante Gives Foundation to support various initiatives across the DC area. Through this program they value doing business with a conscience and “to uplift others one cup of coffee at a time.”

So, as you enjoy your cup of Vigilante Coffee we hope it fires you up! We hope it stirs in you a need to LIVE IMMEDIATELY! To enjoy every moment, and most of all we hope it brings you great pleasure & deep satisfaction knowing that your purchase not only brought you the world's best coffee but that you made the world a little better by who you supported with that purchase.

Thank you Vigilante Coffee for your support!

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